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Talent Strategy

The strategic value of talent has become increasingly apparent. The caliber of your organization’s talent directly impacts business outcomes and, if managed intentionally, can lead to competitive advantage in the marketplace. SKS partners with you to align your organization’s talent management practices with its business strategy, ensuring that the required talent is in place to realize your business objectives.

Competency modeling

A robust competency model can serve as an integrating framework for your talent management practices. SKS avoids a “one-size-fits-all” approach to competency modeling – we not only consider the behaviors associated with effective leadership, but also the specific needs of your business. The result is a clear model that focuses and aligns your talent around the competencies required to execute the business strategy.

Talent review and succession management

With critical competencies in place, an objective review of your talent can be conducted to gain a thorough understanding of the quality of your leadership pipeline. More specifically, SKS works with you to determine whether or not your talent is equipped to meet your short and long-term business objectives, and then recommend strategies for filling and developing your leadership pipeline. Our approach to talent reviews is proactive – with clear recommendations we seek to strengthen your leadership talent through purposeful developmental activities.

Organization and team development

How the interdependent members of a team fit and function together can spell the difference between success and failure. SKS skillfully facilitates team development sessions, utilizing objective assessment results and introducing pivotal ideas to support and assist your team members in their pursuit of business objectives.