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Talent Development

High performing organizations set themselves apart from their lower performing counterparts on the strength of their leadership. It has become vital for successful companies to develop those with the potential to succeed in both current and future roles. SKS’s approach to talent development is one based on collaboration and partnership – our aim is to develop your key talent to meet strategic objectives and future business needs. Our exceptional value allows you to develop individuals at every level of the leadership pipeline.

Development planning

Development planning increases the engagement, commitment, and retention of your key talent.  SKS works closely with your leaders to create challenging, targeted development plans that are aligned with the competencies critical to the success of the business.  SKS development planning explicitly connects the business agenda with the leadership behaviors and development activities to maximize impact.

360-degree discovery and assessment

360-degree assessments provide vital information regarding the interaction between leaders and others in your organization.  Results of the 360-degree survey or interview process are often key to development efforts and to building followership in your organization.  SKS’s approach to 360-degree feedback is efficient yet thoughtful – we take an intentional approach to choosing raters and crafting questions that tap the critical competencies imperative to the leader’s success.

Solution-focused coaching

SKS’s coaching relationships are characterized by trust, respect, and empathy.  Our approach is collaborative and collegial – we work with the coachee and relevant stakeholders to create a coaching plan that leverages strengths and addresses limitations.  Solutions-focused, we emphasize the positive actions the leader can take in order to see immediate results, often in the first 90 days.  With doctoral degrees in psychology, our consultants possess business experience as well as expertise in behavior change. We understand the levers used in supporting change that is sustainable and truly meaningful to the individual and the organization.

Onboarding and transition coaching

We recognize the importance, financial and otherwise, of integrating your new talent quickly and effectively into new roles.  SKS can broaden the use of assessment results from the selection or promotion stage to identify potential derailers and create an onboarding or transition plan tailored to the individual.  In addition to assessment and planning, we offer short-term, focused coaching to assist leaders during the transition.

Action learning and leader development

SKS works with you to design action learning programs that grow your talent while addressing the actual business issues facing your organization.  Throughout the project, SKS coaches serve as facilitators, helping groups and individual participants reflect on the process and incorporate key learnings.