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Talent Assessment

To thrive in today’s increasingly complex, competitive global environment you need to have the right talent leading the way. SKS’s talent assessment process is an invaluable tool that will assist you in evaluating the capabilities of strategic talent.

Our assessment process can be linked to your critical competencies and seamlessly integrated into your overarching talent strategy.  The process is rigorous yet efficient, incorporating cognitive ability testing, personality inventories, work simulations, role-plays, and in-depth interviews.

Talent evaluations for selection

An SKS talent evaluation is a powerful means for identifying insights to determine the best match for a key role.  You’ll benefit from our years of experience in psychological assessment, gaining critical information that will yield better, more informed decisions. SKS talent evaluations can help you identify the right talent at any level of your organization, from the shop floor to the C-suite.  Our solutions range from streamlined screening processes to in-depth evaluations of capability, motivation, and fit.

Talent assessment for development

A thorough, comprehensive assessment is critical to any meaningful developmental effort.  An SKS talent evaluation hones in on strengths and areas of development most relevant to success in your organization.  The evaluation process provides the deep understanding needed to craft robust development plans for your key talent.

High potential identification

It is imperative that organizations look beyond the demands of the immediate role to identify the talent required to meet future known and unknown business needs.  SKS’s talent assessment process can help you find and leverage internal talent having the potential to be effective in larger, broader roles.  Our process utilizes multiple measures to evaluate key elements of potential, such as learning ability, leadership capacity, and emotional intelligence.

Succession planning

Succession planning is focused on the identification and development of talent for specific leadership roles.  Strategically, this may be important at any level of leadership in your organization.  SKS works with you to identify potential successors and assess their readiness for increased responsibilities.  Our assessment process provides an in-depth understanding of the current skill set of your talent, which can guide development planning given future requirements.