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Our Approach

SKS Consulting Psychologists is a firm dedicated to making organizations successful by way of our expertise in understanding how people function on the job. We identify and then help utilize and grow the capabilities and competencies of our clientele’s human resources to the fullest. For over 30 years, SKS has improved the quality of organizational decision-making in the critical areas of selection and development of key employees.

Efficient and value-driven. Our process is designed to maximize comprehensiveness within your time demands. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively serve organizations and individuals around the globe from our Twin Cities office.

~ Align talent with strategy ~ Maximize your talent’s potential ~ Compare our exceptional value ~

At SKS, our refined processes have proven to increase success in the areas of hiring and promoting the best talent, aligning talent with strategy, understanding the depths of your talent pool, and developing leaders for tomorrow – all with a focus on bottom-line results.