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Below are the most frequently asked questions about the assessment process, along with answers to them. If you have any questions that are not addressed, you can call us directly at 952.926.9852. If you call after hours, please let us know how we can reach you and we will respond as quickly as we can.

What is the purpose of the assessment?
Assessments are used to identify your various interests, strengths, and developmental needs. These attributes are analyzed with respect to the demands of the position for which you are being considered and/or the opportunities for enhancing your job performance and professional growth.

Isn’t someone’s mental health a personal matter?
The assessment is not a clinical evaluation but rather seeks to identify work-related insights.  The interview does not involve strange or intimately probing questions.  The psychologists at SKS specialize in this type of assessment and have evaluated literally thousands of individuals over the years.

What kinds of questions will I be asked?
Individuals usually find the interview to be thorough and thought provoking.  They are asked questions about relevant developmental experiences, academic history, self-perceptions, motivations, and a great deal about work and career related history.

Why doesn’t the organization just use my track record?
The organization does use your track record and places a great deal of reliance on your accomplishments and on previous performance appraisals, if available.  However, since each person’s track record and accomplishments are unique and individualized, these sources do not always allow comparisons, nor do they necessarily provide consistent data about your potential or your fit with a role that you may not have held.

How will the organization use the results?
The results of the assessment will be considered by the organization in light of its own interviews and with due consideration to your track record.  Any hiring or promotion decisions are made by the organization, not by the psychologist.  Decisions regarding development planning are for you and the organization to make.

What will I do during the assessment?
The process includes one or more of several possible components.  These assessment components may include:

  • An interview by a psychologist with broad-based expertise in working with organizations at all levels.
  • Inventories that provide information about your personality, interests, and work styles.  The inventories yield profiles that are highly job-related and are not intended to search for personal information.
  • Exercises that measure reasoning ability.  These provide insights regarding your thinking style and problem-solving abilities.
  • Simulations that place you into a mock “real life” work situation where you are asked to deal with the problems and challenges presented.

How valid is the process?
These types of work related assessments, along with the separate evaluative instruments we use, have been researched and validated to ensure that results are relevant to and predictive of job performance.

Who receives the results?
The raw data are retained by SKS Consulting Psychologists and are not provided to the organization.  In most cases, a written report summarizing the results will be sent to the human resources department of the organization.  If you are being considered for a new job, it provides information about the probable match between your strengths and the requirements of the position under consideration. The report also addresses developmental opportunities.  The psychologist may discuss results with an appropriate representative(s) of the organization.

How will I learn about the results?
You may receive information regarding the results of the evaluation if you wish.  If an organization sponsors your visit, the psychologist does not own the report and cannot copy it for you, but the results can be reviewed with you, whether in person or over the phone.  Please feel free to discuss feedback options with the psychologist.  We encourage you to learn about your results.

What should I do to prepare?
There is nothing that you need to do to prepare for the interview or other components of the evaluation.  And there’s no need to worry unnecessarily:  you’ll probably find it an interesting, thought provoking, insightful experience.  Get a good night’s sleep, be yourself, and participate in the process fully!